The Head


The new film from Manatee Party and Terror Vision. The tale of a man and his bed.

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THE HEAD (2019)

A shot-on-video film all about a young man named Peter, his mommy issues, and the mannequin head that might just be his salvation. Featuring plenty of shoddy graphic violence, needlessly deep cut jokes, and even some equal opportunity nudity.

In 2023, it was released on Blu-ray through Terror Vision.

The Head features a sympathetic and hilarious debut from Dani Richmond, as well as a villainous turn from Pool Party Massacre's Drew Marvick, as a homeless man with a history with the titular Head.

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The original knock off of shoddy Las Vegas-lensed amateur film productions -- complete with incredibly boring psychedelic sequence! Hate quality sound design? Boy, have we got a movie for you!

Physical release coming soon.